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Lower education in Zambia is divided into three levels; primary, junior, secondary and upper secondary. Higher education in Zambia has improved in the recent years due to the increase of private universities and colleges. The biggest university is the public University of Zambiawhich is located in the capital Lusaka.

Primary Education in Zambia is the foundation of every one who gets into school, going from grade 1 - 7 with students then expected to pass the exams set by the Examination Council of Zambia at the end of the grade 7 school year.

Primary schools are spread in all parts of the country. Zambia has close to Districts. Primary schools are owned by the government, the private sector and communie. Teachers work there voluntarily or for small stipends, unless these schools are sponsored by charities. Some community schools charge significant fees and resemble low-end private schools, but most are very cheap and cater to pupils for whom the local government school is too far away or imposes unaffordable costs such as uniforms.

With the exception of a few top private schools, Zambian schools are chronically under-resourced and educational standards extremely low.

Upon completion of primary school, you either get directly into a secondary school Secondary schools offers education from gradeunfortunately there are areas in Zambia that have no secondary schools, efforts have been made and they have established basic schools.

Traditionally, grades were part of secondary schooling, but these are often now taught in upgraded primary schools, known as "basic schools". This allows pupils unable to access secondary school to continue their schooling up to Grade 9, and provides primary schools with additional income as government schools are allowed to charge fees to Upper Basic pupils. In the rural areas, some pupils move long distances to access primary education and this has been a disadvantage in the fight to educating the future generation.

In Zambia, there are three universities and several technical schools that provide higher education.

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Educational opportunities beyond secondary school are limited in Zambia. After secondary school, most students study at the various colleges, around the country. Normally they all select students on the basis of ability; competition for places is intense.

Canisius Secondary School

The introduction of fees in the late s has made university level education inaccessible for some, although the government does provide state bursaries. Copperbelt University opened in the late s, taking over most of the former Zambia Institute of Technology site in Kitwe. There are also several teacher training colleges offering two-year training programmes, while missionary hospitals around the country offer internationally acceptable training for nurses.

Several Christian schools offer seminary-level training. There are three main universities and several others:. Apart from this universities and colleges, the country has also one of the oldest college offering distance education.

best secondary schools in southern province zambia

The college used to have learners and current crop of leaders in various institutions benefited from the materials the college produced and has continued to produce. Colleges and universities offering distance education must engage the college to help them improve on the distance materials being offered so that they become interactive. Many charities support schools and pupils in Zambia to complete their education. Brighter Futures Zambia cover the fees of orphan and vulnerable children in Monze, Southern Province.

Impact Network operates 10 schools in Zambia's Eastern Province using an innovative e-learning model. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Population and Vital Statistics Report various years3 Census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, 4 Eurostat: Demographic Statistics, 5 Secretariat of the Pacific Community: Statistics and Demography Programme, and 6 U.

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best secondary schools in southern province zambia

We do not implement these annoying types of ads! Please add www. Out-of-school children of primary school age. Total is the total number of primary-school-age children who are not enrolled in either primary or secondary schools. Children out of school, primary per : Children out of school, primary. Figures expressed per thousand population for the same year. Children out of school, primary, female : Children out of school, primary, female.

Female is the total number of female primary-school-age children who are not enrolled in either primary or secondary schools. For countries with a rating of over 1, more females are enrolled while countries with a rating under 1 have more males enrolled.

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Compulsary education duration : Number of years students are required to be enrolled in school for all levels of education.

For instance, compulsary education lasts for 12 years in the United States. High school enrolment rate : Progression to secondary school refers to the number of new entrants to the first grade of secondary school in a given year as a percentage of the number of students enrolled in the final grade of primary school in the previous year. There are no universal definitions and standards of literacy.

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Unless otherwise specified, all rates are based on the most common definition - the ability to read and write at a specified age. Detailing the standards that individual countries use to assess the ability to read and write is beyond the scope of our source. Information on literacy, while not a perfect measure of educational results, is probably the most easily available and valid for international comparisons.

Duration of primary is the number of grades years in primary education. Primary education, teachers per : Primary education, teachers. Teaching staff in primary. Public and private.

Full and part-time. All programmes. Total is the total number of teachers in public and private primary education institutions.

Teachers are persons employed full time or part time in an official capacity to guide and direct the learning experience of pupils and students, irrespective of their qualifications or the delivery mechanism, i.

This definition excludes educational personnel who have no active teaching duties e. Pupil-teacher ratio, primary : Pupil-teacher ratio, primary. Pupil-teacher ratio. Primary is the number of pupils enrolled in primary school divided by the number of primary school teachers.The algorithm matrix was based on a number of variables to arrive at this inference and among these were What lessons can we have learn and may we have your opinion why most urban especially Lusaka secondary schools are performing so badly.

Ofcourse it could only be true if the results were favouring the Northern circuit schools. What nonsense! Saimbwende July 28, at am Reply. The Political Sycophant July 28, at pm Reply. Look at my old school on number 5.

List of schools in Zambia

We have always been on top 5 best schools in Zambia. Proudly a product of chizzy metal. Once a metal always a metal. Moses jr July 28, at pm Reply. The majority of these characters posing as students involve themselves in examination malpractices. However, the time of reckoning comes when faced with precision examinations in A levels.

I have first hand experience from the University am currently attending, half baked and incompetent pretenders enrolled in numbers as if tuition was free, in the brink of an eye, the attrition rate sky rocketed terribly and caught managements attention. In short what am saying is not everyone with 6 points fits the description of a deserving University entrant, most of the chaps are useless and intellectual counterfeits.

St Peter Canisius Secondary School and Hillcrest are really doing very fine and they maintain their standards. I know what it is to be either a teacher or a pupil at that school. Hillcrest has the most qualified teachers. St Peter Canisius has the most committed teachers who need minimal or no supervision at all, they are self-supervised. I nkow the two schools well and I know St Peter Canisius better.

Chikuni Mission where St Peter Canisius is known for quality education from as early as when the Jesuit Fathers arrived in that part of Zambia. It is a school run and managed by the Jesuit fathers Catholic. Jesuits have passion for Education and they believe in education. Therefore, this is one of the reasons St Peter Canisius is among the best schools in zambia specifically the second best school after Hillcrest.

best secondary schools in southern province zambia

Actually most boys who go to Hillcrest at Grade 10 level prefer to get back to St Peter Canisius after the first term. Otherwise the two schools are excellent. Finally my fellow educators let us emulate and learn from the best 10 schools in our country. Look at Chikankata and Njase, the two are not even technical schools. Actually St Peter canisius, Chikankata and Njase are not technical schools but are mission schools. Thank you to those that took the survey.Your Account.

Work at Canisius Secondary School? Give your customers a better experience by enabling enquiries, updating your contact details and selling your products and services online through thebestofzambia. You may also be interested in Related categories.

View all. Secondary schools. Similar businesses. Baobab College. Springfields School of Education. Canisius Secondary School. Government owned, this school was founded by the Society of Jesus in Canisius Secondary School is committed to not only offering secondary education but also assisting students in the fullest possible development of their God-given talents so that they can become persons of proficiency, conscience and commitment in serving God and the human community.

The school offers an all-inclusive curriculum and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Secondary school Canisius Secondary school challenges its students to make every effort for excellence and ensures it moulds them to become critical scholars and professionals.

The school offers an array of extra-curricular actives designed to harness each and every student's innate skills.Looking for Schools in Choma, Zambia? Find the list of Top Schools in Choma, Zambia on our business directory.

Siavonga Harbour

Schools near me. Verified Phone E-mail Website. St Marks Box 2, southern Province, Choma. Adastra Basic School Choma. Njase Girls Sec School Choma. Njase Secondary School Choma. St Mulumba Special School P. BoxChoma. Wonga School Choma. Bulanda BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Bulyambeba BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Chazangwe BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Chipande BoxSouthern Province, Choma.

Chikanta BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Chibomboma BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Choma Secondary Boxsouthern Province, Choma. Chuulu BoxSouthern Province, Choma.

Habeenzu BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Hamoonde BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Hapuya Box choma, Southern Province, Choma. Harmony BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Kabulamwanda Box, Southern Province, Choma. Kasukwe BoxSouthern Province, Choma. Kasenga Junior 3pb 10xc, southern Province, Choma.

Didn't find what you were looking for?Can you please advise on best path for her to accomplish this.

best secondary schools in southern province zambia

Thank you, Brian. This is outdated. The rating of schools should be according to their academic performance in the exams not this madness!!!. Hillcrest is the Top school in Zambia. The rating of these schools should be according to there academic performance in the exams, also how good the school is is in terms of sports. There also needs to be a ranking of government schools only.

I Kantanshi secondary school should be on that list because its one of the best in terms of good results at grades 9 and 12 it is the best in mufulira. Yes both cambridge schools and Ecz schools were put together but fact of the matter is those international schools do produce good results in cambridge. And if we look at standards none of you would argue that they are the best.

Anyway am proud of my school MPSS which ranked really well. One thing most have overlooked when ranking these schools is what type of students do they enrol at grade 8 and 10 in terms of passing mark. Most of the so called good schools get students with the highest grades such that teachers do not have to put in a lot of effort in teaching. To me consideration in ranking should be based on schools that take in children with various academic challenges.

If for example you have child who is of average intelligence grades from C — D but at the end of day she progresses to higher grades, only then will I give credit to the teachers and the school.

The rating of these schools should not be according to how high the school fees are as it is,it should be according to the high academic standards. Next time this should be better considered…. It is a pity that some schools are not put on this list. However,looking at the products[graduate] of this schools being ranked at very good positions,they are not much to admire. I think kitwe boys should be on top most, followed by hill crest then david kaunda.

I hope this will be so in few years to come.The algorithm matrix was based on a number of variables to arrive at this inference and among these were What lessons can we have learn and may we have your opinion why most urban especially Lusaka secondary schools are performing so badly.

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The best 10 Schools in Zambia 2020

Skip to content. The algorithm matrix was based on a number of variables to arrive at this inference and among these were:- I completion of A levels to progress to year 2. Ii Completion of a 4 year degree programme by prospective students. IV Total number of division 1 students accepted into the university. Iv High quota score mark to go into best schools such as Pharmacy, Medicine and Engineering. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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